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New England Clam Bake | Upscale BBQ's | Tex-Mex Menu | Luau Island Theme


The Outing Menu selections include all necessary cooking equipment, personnel, and paper products. We will provide all necessary work tables for our food preparation and we will gather and bag all trash. An access to water would be helpful. You are responsible, if needed or required, for guest tables and chairs, tables for the buffet line, trash removal from site, and permits, and ash disposal area, ticket monitoring or collection, and tents.


We will be happy to offer information concerning sites, purveyors, who specialize in related services, and general advice to make your event a complete success.


TERMS: Generally speaking, we accommodate groups from 50 - 1000. Deposits are required, approximating 25% of the total billing. Final payment is expected upon completion, unless otherwise pre-arranged. Guarantee guest counts are required 5 business days prior to the event. Working counts are required 10 days prior. Guarantees are strictly enforced and all outings are or rain or shine.

Individual pricing of Outing Menus and services can at times seem confusing. Yet, in an effort to give you as a consumer a better value and ourselves as business people some protection in fluctuating prices; we have designed a pricing sheet as clearly as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call.


AFFAIRS CATERING takes pride in our "outing" presentations. For our clambakes, we utilize wooden lobster traps, lobster buoys, seashells, anchors, netting, etc. to emphasize the feeling of a down east New England tradition.


With our BBQ's we utilize antiques and collectibles with florals to embellish our food displays. If you select one of our more regional BBQ's, such as the "TEX-MEX", we will give a more southwestern flavor to the overall presentation.


Affairs-Catering will supply a floral embellished buffet line, "tastefully" decorated for festivities. Host supplies guest tables, chairs, and tent, if needed. Host supplies any embellishments they wish to include for successful completion of days activities.

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